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16:04:11 27/09/2018
Amazing how a finger pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation in my blood using infrared and red light?

23:38:26 11/09/2018
Let's discuss problems real people have had while using CPAP. I have seen first hand each and every problem overcome with a few simple solutions. CPAP can cause problems for many, especially new CPAP users. Here are the 10 most common CPAP problems, and the CPAP solutions which have worked well to resolve these issues, as I have personally witnessed.

19:43:37 10/09/2018
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If you want a SoClean at a cheap price, the SoClean cost on is better than anything I have seen on amazon. This is the short version of a Soclean step by step tutorial video

02:01:44 07/07/2017
Travel Mini CPAP Review. This tiny CPAP is so small, it makes traveling with CPAP a breeze!! Sweet Dreams baby!!

21:43:01 04/06/2017
Fighting Sleep At Work???

22:39:08 10/05/2017
Step-by-step tutorial for the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaning machine. I will answer the question "how does the SoClean 2 work?", and "How do I clean my CPAP?". In this video you will learn tips on how to operate your SoClean2 like:
*adjust the clock to start when you want.
*set your current time
*Adjust the operational minutes from 1 to 12.
*the purpose for the round adapter where the door closes.
*red, yellow, and green light on the SoClean 2
*attaching the adapter for the airsense 10.
*reason for a check valve in the black tubing.
*purpose for the filter inside of the SoClean 2
*How often to replace the SoClean 2 filter and check valve.
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17:58:09 27/04/2017
Here's a quick tutorial on the Resmed Airsense 10 Auto CPAP for sleep apnea. Sleep well my friends!

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