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SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaning Machine Video
Step-by-step tutorial for the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaning machine from Mobile AL. [10% Discount ($287.10), buy SoClean 2 today] I will answer the question "how does the SoClean 2 work?", and "How do I clean my CPAP?". In this video you will learn tips on how to operate your SoClean2 like: *adjust the clock to start when you want. *set your current time *Adjust the operational minutes from 1 to 12. *the purpose for the round adapter where the door closes. *red, yellow, and green light on the SoClean 2 *attaching the adapter for the airsense 10. *reason for a check valve in the black tubing. *purpose for the filter inside of the SoClean 2 *How often to replace the SoClean 2 filter and check valve. I hope you find something here that is helpful and useful! please visit our website: buy SoClean 2: Read our blog: Check us out on Facebook:

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